sarah mcnabb“When it was time for my daughter Ava to attend nursery school, my husband and I toured several places. None impressed me as much as Beachwood Nursery School. The staff is knowledgeable, kind and creative. The atmosphere is inviting and warm. I thought to myself, this was where I would like my children to begin their academic careers. Ava had a wonderful experience in both the pre-school and pre-K programs. Her teachers were always encouraging her and inspiring her. We felt so confident in the school’s ability to nurture our children that we chose to send our daughter Morgan there as well. Morgan also had a tremendous experience in both the pre-school and pre-K programs. Academically, she soared. Morgan was reading before she attended Kindergarten. As a parent, I was touched that the staff showed so much care and concern for my children. I was impressed with the resources offered to both my children and myself. We truly enjoyed our time with Beachwood Nursery School and were sad to say goodbye when our children moved on to elementary school. Ava, now a second grader, and Morgan, a kindergarten student, are doing exceptionally well at school, both academically and socially. I credit Beachwood Nursery School with giving them a strong educational foundation.”

Sarah McNabb

Allison IannacconeKnowing I’d be returning to my career after having my first child, I was fortunate enough to be able to begin my search for a learning center for my child far in advance of her being born. After visiting many day care centers and learning focused schools throughout the area, it was evident that the Beachwood Nursery School & Early Learning Center stood apart from the rest. Upon my very first meeting with Mrs. Keenan, the Director, and Mrs. Newman, I was immediately put at ease and knew this would be my child’s home away from home. I vividly recall how they each spoke with excitement of the then newly constructed early learning center and how they were proud to be including sustainable and environmentally friendly fixtures in the classrooms. We talked about their plans for a school vegetable garden and their long standing NAEYC Accreditation and how that impacted not only the care of the children but also the involvement of the families. It was evident that this program was more than just a nursery school or a day care center to them; it was their creation and interpretation of a true healthy, safe and fun learning environment for babies, toddlers and school age children. That was four years ago.

Now, both our daughter and son attend the Beachwood Nursery School & Early Learning Center and it has been one of the most important and best decisions our family has made. I’m pleased that there is very little, if no turnover at all, of teachers in my children’s classrooms and I feel, from a parent’s perspective, that a tremendous amount of effort is exercised into placing and retaining teachers in particular classes. It’s comforting for my children to know their teachers so well and see them year after year as they have truly become a part of our family. Its not uncommon for my daughter’s teacher to call me mid-day just to let me know that she is in fact having a great day even though we may have had a rough start to our morning or to receive an emailed photo from my son’s teacher just to show me that he is having a great time playing with Kool-Aid paint on the playground. Little gestures, such as those, reaffirm to me that this school is so much more than a place my children spend 9 hours a day a few times a week. They are surrounded by people who love them, care about them, teach them and explore with them when my husband and I cannot.

Mrs. Keenan, Mrs. Newman and their staff of teachers are forward thinkers and highly motivated educators. We, as parents, receive via email, weekly newsletters detailing our child’s lesson plan for the week which is helpful as it allows us to initiate conversation about our child’s day and also ensure our child is prepared for the classroom’s activities. It also includes information about other activities that are offered such as family yoga and music classes, which are a common element to the Beachwood Nursery School. Lastly, I feel great comfort in knowing that the safety systems in place on property far exceed what is required for a center of this size and all situations have been addressed and practiced. The school uses not only radio and website updates to convey urgent information but also social media and most recently, a text messaging service, similar to those used by much larger entities which ensures all families are in the know when events arise.

The staff and teachers at the Beachwood Nursery School have been instrumental in assisting my husband and I in shaping our son and daughter to be the fun-loving, respectful and outgoing children we always hoped they would be and for that we are very grateful.

Allison Iannaccone