Educational Philosophy

Our belief is that learning should be an active process for young children – learning through play and actual experiences. Emphasis is placed on helping children acquire skills that enable them to experience success within a carefully arranged structure. Learning opportunities are individualized and age appropriate so each child can develop at their own pace.

The Safety of Our Students is Our Priority

Beachwood Nursery School is a locked center which contributes to the safety of our students. Individuals must be granted access by a Beachwood Nursery School staff member to both of our buildings or have a programmed “Access Key Fob.” Only current parents and staff members are given Access Keys. These key fobs only permit access during a student’s scheduled hours and are deactivated during non-business hours. (Note: For 2020-2021, we adopted altered procedures for drop off and pick up that take place outside to allow only students and staff indoors and minimize exposure in the age of COVID.)

Our school is also equipped with closed circuit video monitoring on premises. These cameras are located throughout campus for the purpose of monitoring the safety of the center as well as child and staff performance.

We also engage an electronic sign in and out procedure. Each authorized adult has a code for check in and checkout purposes. This program allows us to comply with the licensing requirement of parents signing children in and out of school and helps the administrative staff to easily track classroom attendance.

Please see our Safety Measures to Keep Everyone Healthy at School for more details about what steps we are taking to reduce spread of COVID-19 – Read More ➤